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BEHSAN TAGHZIE ARIAN aka BTA group was founded by a panel of nutritionists and aquaculturists in the early 2000s. BTA group is specialized in the fields of producing feed, suppliments and concentrates for different farmed fishes. 

Guiding and constant monitoring the production process and studying new methods helped our company to be considerably successful in domestic and foreign markets. Also observance of controlling system and quality assurance enabled us to reach the highest desirable quality.

BTA Group always emphasizes on after-sale service and extensive cooperation with professional managers and farmers.Consulting, investigating farm issues, introducing new technologies and providing effective solutions to improve and increase production is our first priority. 

we believe that the future belongs to the world of professional producers and to enhance the technical knowledge of staff and breeders we are missioned to deliver the latest scientific achievements and findings to farm owners and experts and accompany them in the whole process of breeding and production.


Our main target is to have unfailing production and long term cooperation and earning high profitability for farmers.



BTA for professionals